Our Sanctuary was constructed in 1888 before electricity and indoor plumbing. It has an A-frame ceiling reaching 30 feet at its highest point with exposed wooden beams and iron bracing. The windows were originally clear glass with the stained/painted glass windows being installed in the 1940’s. At some point, the Sanctuary was lit with natural gas. Gas lines for two sconces which were located behind the altar remain – now hidden by the drapery. In the 1940’s, the men of the church and the Boy Scouts hand dug a basement below the sanctuary, installing a furnace and indoor restrooms (both since moved to the Fellowship Hall). The sanctuary is frequently used for theatrical productions put on by our Drama Club. Sanctuary seating capacity is approximately 125.

UMC Savage Santuary


sanctuary Savage UMC


Parking is available in the parking lot adjacent to and behind the church. Parallel parking is available on Foundry Street and slant-in parking is available on Baltimore Street in front of the church. Handicap parking is located on Baltimore Street. Overflow parking is available across Baltimore Street in front of the Carroll Baldwin Hall. Main entry is through the Narthex (foyer) using stairs on the right. A handicap ramp leads directly into the sanctuary and is used for both the sanctuary and the hall.


Mission Statement
Our vision is to Make People “Blessed” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.* This mission is inspired by God’s call to Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3) as a source of blessings. This mission statement is deeply related to the kingdom vision of Jesus proclaimed in his inaugural speech, known as “Beatitude,” preamble of Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-12).
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